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Antique Tree Felling employs a qualified tree surgeon who is familiar with current standards of practice within the tree service industry. Safe trees are an asset. So to maintain the health of your trees all tree pruning is carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards Pruning of Amenity Trees AS4373-2007.

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Local Council Permits

Before tree pruning or removal activities can begin, a tree pruning/removal permit will be needed from the local council unless the tree is on the exemption list (your council can assist you with that determination). You can contact your local council  to apply for your tree removal, pruning permit. Antique Tree Felling is happy to assist you in filling out your Tree Removal, Pruning application. But only the property owner may file the application.
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Tree Pruning Service
Proper pruning improves the appearance and beauty of a tree as well as prolonging its useful life span.

We adhere to the Australian standards for amenity tree pruning to ensure the best results for your trees.
Antique Tree Felling
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Tree Removal Service
All large or small trees are removed safely by our experienced tree surgeons.

We assess the condition of the tree and its immediate surroundings to determine the safest technique for the removal.
Emergency & Insurance
In the event of an emergency like storm damage, contact us for immediate service.

Our documentation and qualifications are detailed and compatible with insurance comapny needs.
Stump Grinding
We can access your stumps in tight areas and grind them below ground level.

This leaves the area clear to be  landscaped or reused as desired.
Liverpool Council Phone: 1300 362 170
Dead Wooding
A form of pruning that removes dead and diseased portions of a tree to improve its health and appearance as well as to prolong the tree's life span.
We strive to do the right thing for the environment and your trees by recycling our green waste and solid wood to the best possible use.

Leaving your property clear of debris and ready to enjoy.
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